Monday, March 18, 2013

World War II Socratic Seminar...

Read the address by Adolf Hitler.  Be prepared to discuss this primary source document and what it says about the beginning of World War II.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Honors Students....
You will conduct an interview with a member of your family that was alive during a significant event that occured in Eastern Europe or Russia during the 20th Century.  You will ask ten questions that will help you better understand the situation, politics, and players that were involved in this event.  A few examples of events are the Chernobyl nuclear accident, Cuban Missile Crisis, fall of communism in Russia....etc.
You must include your questions, name of relative, relation to you, date of interview, and a one paragraph summary of what you learned from the conversation.  Phone conversations are ok, as well as email dialogue.
Examples of questions you can ask might be: "What do you remember about...."  "When _____ happened, how old were you?"  "How did this event change the way things happened in ____________?"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Extra Credit...

For extra credit, watch a movie that is set in Europe.  It can be modern day or historical.  Any genre of movie is fine, but it can NOT be a rated R movie or an animated movie.

After watching the movie - you will write a paper describing the following aspects of the film:
Location - where is the setting for this film?
Climate - what is the climate like during this film?
Major Cities - what major cities are shown?
Bodies of Water / Rivers - are there any featured or shown?
Mountains - any shown or discussed?
Leaders - any leaders of countries discussed or shown?
Economy - what is the economic situation of the characters in the film?  Is it indicative of the time / place?
What is the premise of the film?
What is the resolution?
For fictional movies: describe the main characters and how their relationship impacts the plot.
For non-fiction movies: how does this event in history impact the continent?
***Due by Friday, December 16***

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011


Required Assignment for Honors World Geography students:
-Purchase and read the book A Walk Across America - by Peter Jenkins
Abe's Books
Amazon Used Books

-Bring your book or receipt of purchase to Coach Smith by Friday, November 18.
***Extra Credit***
Honors students can earn extra credit by creating a poster over a Latin American country.  They must first tell Coach Smith which country they would like to make a poster of - and then complete the poster by November 18.  Contents of the poster must include:
-Name of country
-Major religions
-GDP per capita
-Life Expectancy
-Literacy Percent
-3x5 drawing of flag (in color)