Thursday, December 1, 2011

Extra Credit...

For extra credit, watch a movie that is set in Europe.  It can be modern day or historical.  Any genre of movie is fine, but it can NOT be a rated R movie or an animated movie.

After watching the movie - you will write a paper describing the following aspects of the film:
Location - where is the setting for this film?
Climate - what is the climate like during this film?
Major Cities - what major cities are shown?
Bodies of Water / Rivers - are there any featured or shown?
Mountains - any shown or discussed?
Leaders - any leaders of countries discussed or shown?
Economy - what is the economic situation of the characters in the film?  Is it indicative of the time / place?
What is the premise of the film?
What is the resolution?
For fictional movies: describe the main characters and how their relationship impacts the plot.
For non-fiction movies: how does this event in history impact the continent?
***Due by Friday, December 16***